Some of my favorite pics – ‘mah’ works 🙂

‘The Brisbane Cityscapes’

I took this picture while on a boat ride on the Brisbane river – it was an awesome ride – some of best landscapes i have seen – colors of the sky I have never seen before – It feels like the sun painting the whole city in its Yellow and the overwhelming clear blue Skies.
‘Yohei – upscaling Windermere’

My Mad mad Japanese friend who has washed his mobile 3 times and used mosituriser instead of shampoo – Yohei the sweetheart with his innoccent smile and never say die attitude. I remember waking him up hysterically at 4.30 am to catch a train for this trip at 5.15 am. His brilliant plan to snow board with an old scrap metal sheet and cardboard sled which almost gave me a frost bite and of course his lovely wife ‘Asami’. He went RED after having the curry but he loved it and of course his infamous ‘one hour pasta sauce’ – I am grateful for whatever little Japanese i learnt from him Arigato – Gosai- Masta – Yohei san!
‘The nestled Windermere – Lake District’
It was a last minute decision to make this trip to Lake District – tickets were bought, the YHA was booked for 2 nights – it was the last weekend before the lakes closed down for Winter. We changed 3 trains and 2 buses to make it here – a good 51/2 hours away from Sheffield into the Lancaster county, very close from the Scottish highlands. The lake district houses 5 of Britains most beautiful and scenic lakes – we went to the biggest ‘ Windermere’. A low budget trip with packed with extreme action – so it included a trek of 4 hours in pouring rain, river crossing on the mountain and a ride in the freezing lake – so serene and calm. This picture is taken from one of the stop overs in the walkathon – which gave a complete birds eye view of Windermere and the last of what the Summer left behind. You can see the leaves drying on the trees and grass turning flame red – signs of the harsh winter creeping in ….
‘Baby Rewa – one month old’

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