Words from the past

Scrummaging through some old papers I came across some of my earliest musings with poetry. You know those are the days when You can almost try your hand at everything. AnyHoo scribbled on a page torn from a notebook was this – it did not have a name then and i cant still cant think of one now ….

I saw a boat, rollicking alone
Fighting the waves on its own
That was no place for it to be
Lost in the vastness of the sea.

I saw a bird in its lovely flight
Going nowhere no nest in sight
Still shearing the wind and soaring high
carrying on, challenging the sky

I saw a tree standing tall
With leaves and fruits and flowers et all
Standing there how many years it must have spent
But no on saw now it was bent

I saw the sun the brightly star
and felt its warmth from yet so far
in its light the darkness hides
but the truth is its burning inside!

I saw a rainbow one morning
Sashaying its colors, glimmering and shining
the dark rain clouds it had shadowed
Knowing quite well its colors were borrowed

Everything I saw was somehow lonely
Living for others – but solo completely!

dated – March 2000


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