He is my favorite and his buddy Hobbes is someone Id love to have for myself too. Do you think after these expressions there is any need to describe exactly whathe feels like. I have this poster stuck up on my dashboard in office and often look past at it without thinking much! Today a colleauge of mine asked me to share this poster with her and we ended up assigning each of these 12 Calvin moods of to our daily lives in Office.

So lets go in order left to right and top to bottom

Calvin 1 – I call this the SMART One
Thats what i do when I have received “Gyaan” on how to do my job better – seriously I am great at it – just that people have too many expectations from me to be the BEST.

Calvin 2 – BLOW my head out Cal
He is late again – as usual promised to leave early but something came up at the last minute so – “You should probably go ahead” and SHOOT MEEEEE!!!!! Just kidding but that is the last thing you want to hear after a long hours day.

Calvin 3 – Good Knight CAL
After I have done staring at the computer long after it has shut down, pacified that no email is going to be aimed at me. It is ‘war of the mails’ most days, some times you get wounded, sometimes you are victorious, every new project a new battle – keep your blade shining!

Calvin 4 – Seriously CAL
Yes after the gruelling train ride – when i reach the desk waiting for my Inbox to be flooded again – I think to myself seriously i get paid for this !$#&.

Calvin 5 – Twisted CAl
Oh cmon everything doesnt have to be taken literally- but when people dont seem to grasp the obvious and engage in discussions that are going nowhere – endless.

Calvin 6 – Bored CAL
Oh no not again!! Just when you think that a project is over and long gone – it comes back to haunt your dreams yet again.

Calvin 7 – Catastrophy CAL
Yes I am good at my work – but sometimes do make it a point to goof up – just to look like that!

Calvin 8 – Sarcastic Pirate Cal
Why now, doesn’t that look like the young Jack Sparrow in the making – hohoho and a bottle of RUM, Id prefer Vodka but I’ve graduated to more serious drinks lately, Drambuie’s and Cointreau’s. That’s what I look like in extremely high spirits, when things look much better with just one eye open.

Calvin9 – One finger in my … Cal
At any given moment in time when ultimately there is nothing to do or you don’t want to do it(the probability of this occurring is more);many a times involuntarily, its like a morning ritual, a twinge of getting something out of the way – that nasty pestering and sometimes very stubborn and deep rooted piece of snort out of your nose. Yup most of the time you wish that no ones looking and other times when it is irresistible you don’t really care.

Calvin10 –what god forsaken reason can I give now Cal (patented to Adityo)
‘Procrastination thy name be put to test’ by this dude, there is no sane reason for the stuff he does but just like that is a good enough reason.

Calvin11 – I wanna scream Cal
So many times everyday people cross you for the wrong reasons, it starts from rickshawallahs, to the hoodlum at the station gaping at you and thinks that you haven’t spotted him already, first class lady travelers who cant stop yapping about their inconsiderate male bosses, my chaiwala who doesn’t know how to make chai and experiments on me everyday.

Calvin12 – i told you so CAL
hahahaha this is my favorite lines – but really – i dont like to say it that often, but cant resist the devilish temptation when all logic is surpassed by the id, and why not? Its not my fault when you didnt listen the first time i told you so …..


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