Good Morning!!

Emotions run high. The heart races at million beats per second. The mind tried to build a picture that changes faster than persistence of vision. The wind lashes my face as I try to grab my thoughts that reach somewhere before I can physically get there.
There is a rush of blood with every thought, I find myself carelessly smiling and reliving moments over and over again. The elements reminding me of you – as I try to catch your scent in the wind, search your face in the clouds and my eyes light up like the fire burning within.
The delay of every millionth of a second causes agony. As every moment spent without you is an opportunity lost., especially when every morning I check myself in the mirror and look good just for you. Every radiant spot on my face touched by your love.
And then the moment arrives, when the cloud cover of faces dissipates. Slowly but surely my eyes begin to scan, when the frenzied thoughts of the last few minutes takes shape and I see your face which simply encapsulates all my feelings and to reciprocate to that dollop smile I simply have two words, “Good Morning!!”
– written by me – one Wednesday morning waiting at the station

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