VJ Lola’s Vaatshaala

Do you wanna have extra Gyaan and get your facts staight. You may be the coolest dude / babe around but what would happen if you were put to answer these questions. If you are following the General Lola on Channel V then you may already know some of these or you must be really smart!
The last few weeks Channel V’s Lola Kutty has taken up the mantel herself to knock janta’s brains and test their grey matter. Some people come up with real hilla-denewala (read: hilarious) responses. Some others make me wonder ‘what the hell were you doing in school if you don’t know this?’

Not that I knew the Answers to all – but this stuff probably worth knowing than latest Page3 gossip or the filmy shenanigans.

So are you ready to take the test yourself – let’s see how smart you have been as a 5th grader and whether you are any better now.
Here is the latest of Lola’s General Knowledge tests.
  • Which city is made of 7 islands?
  • How many days are there in a leap year?
  • How many months have 28 days?
  • What is a lunar eclipse?
  • What is the national anthem of India? Who wrote it?
  • What is the national song of India? Who wrote it?
  • In which year did India get its Independence? (cmon you have to know this much atleast).
  • How many states are there in Dakshin Bharat? (hint – dakshin == south!!).
  • What language do they speak in each state of dakshin bharat?

Be proud if you know ’em all and if you dont know check out the Answers here. You may well be surprised to see some !!


Keep looking for regular updates on this post – do send me more questions from General Lola that you know the answers to …


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