An ODE to MJ

Ill Be there YouTube video

Slow dancing on the tunes of “I’ll be there”, feeling every word of the song….

This has been my favorite song for ever since I can remember. All I had was this cassette with some mixed tracks of Billy Joel, Culture Club and this one by Jackson 5. With no music videos to accompany the song I didn’t have a clue as to who or what the Jackson 5 were. But of course it was the soul searching voice of a young Michael that captivated me. We all know about the mammoth rise of MJ from being a child prodigy to becoming the King of Pop. Although many associate him with his chartbusters and the pop hits like Thriller, Bill Jean, Bad etc, this particular song remains special for me.

Many years later, after my father passed away, I often took solace when I heard this number, it reminded me of Dad and rekindling that hope that he is always watching over.
Those exact feelings and even deeper emotions run through when I look at Adi and think about these lines,
“You and I must make a pact,
We must bring salvation back,
Where there is Love,
I’ll be there.”
A belief that together we can accomplish all there is to in this world.

Today as the whole world mourns the passing away of this great entertainer, I am thankful that he has left us this wonderful gift of his music that gives us the chance to feel those emotions and relive those special memories forever.

TO MJ – You will always be there….


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