In which Bambai se aaya mera dost ….

Stardate – 5th – 7th May 2010

Last week we were visited by a dear friend, a being from out of this world!! This earthling is referred by the good name “Raju” and his twisted namessss include “Chhota father”, “Chhota”, “Sir”, “Guruji” and more popularly Raju “Sat” – the Sat referring to his idol Joe Satriani.  This Gat freak has silken fingers, a self taught musician, he is a complete entertainment package. I have known him from his hairy scary college days, when this dude would sit on the *katta* and floor everyone with some unimaginable strumming. What lead ahead was Exodus and the coming together of 4 awesome brothers from different Mothers.  More on this in another post ……

Arrival of this earthling brought all normal life to a halt and what ensued was a weekend before the weekend. When 2 musicians meet they are meant to do what they are born to do, the house was echoing of musical sounds that went on till early morning accompanied by good food and some very high spirits ….. The now clean shaven Nipra and “The one who does not want to be mentioned, we call him WikiDev” also joined in. Raju added to his fan following in Pune, when he found a new fan and friend in WikiDev, who has recently geared up for Guitaring.

Although Raju did come for a break from his music and the hullaballoo of the Megalopolis, there was hardly a time when he had his hands free. It was either WikiDev’s Yamaha or that liquid which is 80% water. He even tried out the “Baglama” – the Greek musical instrument a wedding gift from another friend. Finally the night ended with Raju complaining for lack of spirits ….

Day 2 began just as expected, like I said all normal life had come to a halt. Unphased by Pune’s Thursday’s No Power Show, we continued where we left off last night. WikiDev too stayed back from the hackers den, he knew exactly what Raju wanted that morning!! What followed was inevitable, after much persuasion Quasi Baba and his first disciple, Percy ascended. Touchdown!!!

Riddle – “How many DUDES does it  take to bring a day to a halt?”

Answer – Just one!!

More experiments with Baglama, followed by a Sitar recital, lots of food and me playing the perfect hostess ensuring that no plates are empty. We said bye to Raju and welcomed the out of line rains – finally the weekend arrived!!

We will update this post with pics soon ;P, as soon as we have clearance to share them!!


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