In which Yeh dil mange more!!

Everyone has a wishlist, from simple things to simply outrageous, here’s my wishlist about the things that i have wanted to own/do all these years living on the 3rd rock(from the sun)!!! Not in any order

  • Merrel shoes with Gore Tex fabric and Vibram soles
  • Casio G Shock,  suitable for diving, hiking 🙂
  • Light Saber @ thinkgeek
  • Mac Book Pro
  • Shure Headphones for  perfect listening while working, no ear fatigue
  • Kickass personal sound system (no research done yet )
  • Amazon Kindle ( to read all my books), or the latest best thing yet to come for digital reading..
  • The North Face camping gear( sack, tent)
  • Back pack across India (follow a river from source to the sea)
  • Back pack across Europe (beer fest here i come)
  • Own a Toyota Prius , or a Tesla

Haven’t included the usual stuff such as Plasma TV’s, and lots of geek stuff, listed things that are more likely to be with me for a lifetime 🙂

Now for more wild/outrageous things on my wishlist 😛

  • Own a time machine
  • Surf the waves of Hawaii
  • Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Perform in front of 100 people (Sitar)
  • Bungee Jump
  • Sumo Wrestling (wht the fack)

So this was a small peek into my mind, things that keep me motivated to work hard in life :), and of course share and experience all of these with Trip 🙂 … Over to you Missus

Well now that geek-list is done with, over to some more REAL stuff, it surprises me of the indulgences ONE can have, I take the liberty of addressing myself as the “ONE” – geek ishtyle!! There is a myriad of things I want to have – correct that, I want to OWN and even more that I want to do, so lets start with the more materialistic fancies

  • MacBook Pro – i know, i know, but we are bad at sharing electronic things, this one is for ME only.
  • DLSR camera – either a Canon EOS or a Nikon D series
  • anything that begins with an ‘I’ , no no not the narcissist I, I meaning the Apple I –  Iphone 4G, Ipod touch or….errrr …actually and the IPad :)!!!
  • A solitaire – you better be reading this, you up there add this to your wishlist too :P, this is a female gadget, it always works…..
  • A car, as of now any on 4 wheels and with a steering will do, as long as I can drive it, not very brand conscious here.
  • A telescope
  • A personal movie mini theatre installed with the Kickass sound system

Phew , okay I think thats enough of drooling, now to some more dreamy stuff

  • A world tour – backpacking may be!!
  • A house with slanting sun – roof tops, to watch the rain and to use the telescope of course.
  • While the dude  is scaling Mt.Kilimanjaro – I want to do the wild life safaris in Masai Mara and Serengeti and the likes
  • Visit all Tiger reserves in India and come face to face with a Tiger, whaaattt?? thats not unrealistic at all, I’ll just pull his cheeks and walk away, (what the fack!!! )
  • Own a cat called “Hobbes” and a dog called “Macintosh” (I thought Apple would be better but Captain Tyo disagrees)
  • Jump off a plane – Skydiving thats what they call it

So there they are some very passionate and cherished wishes, we both hope to be able to add some more and cross off all of them, in this lifetime, “Wishful Thinking”, you say; I say, “WHY NOT!!!”

PS – Please treat this post as a guide for gifts,those of you who know our anniversaries and birthdays!!!

5 thoughts on “In which Yeh dil mange more!!

  1. Why owning a cat/dog is in ‘dreamy stuff’? and Skydiving?

    Well prepared list.. except i’d go for Evenstar that Arwen gave to Aragorn instead of Light saber…
    (I already have The Ring 🙂 )

  2. Hey Prajwalit ….
    Yes cat / dog is dreamy cos first we need a big enough house to keep all 4 of us …… and yes skydiving cos for that i will have to get over my fear of heights …. but for skydiving i will sure over come it 😛

  3. tyo, i would have included a trip to thailand (what a name!) without the missus, to try out the various ‘natural treasures’ there! hehehe

    trup-t, you better be extra-clear when you write solitaire. Any single diamond can technically be called that. You should specify carats… 🙂

    1. hey vivek, thanks for the comments, trupz here ….. I already found my Solitaire, no other can match his carat worth 😀 , the other one like i said is just a gadget 😛

  4. Abey senti mat maar! you already have him! thats not changing, right…?

    Do you mean to say you dont want any real diamond in your life? Tyo must be dancing around with joy right now…!

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