In which Trupz Attended Pune bloggers meet

With so many social media channels around us, it is tough to keep up. Although I have been a member of IndiBlogger community for a long time, I can hardly call myself an active member, trolling around most of the time, trying to keep up with some of the good bloggers that I follow, generally and only passively making my presence felt. So one fine day I receive an email from Captain Awesome and he asks if Pune Bloggers would be interested in a bloggers meet, I hastily replied with a YES. This would be an opportunity to meet some of them in person, a tete-a-tete with the Who’s who of the blogging community.

I was really looking forward to 5th May, it would be for the first time I would have any direct interaction with bloggers per say. I was amused and overjoyed with feeling of meeting like minded people. Arrived at the venue fashionably late, around 45 minutes of hunting around Kothrud finally found the venue, turns out Animesh in his email had very clearly written not to take a particular left turn which I took. Anyhoo, I missed a couple of introductions but was pleasantly surprised with the crowd, almost 35 people, it was quite a gathering.

One by one everyone was introducing themselves, what they do, what they blog about and even a few of them as to why they blog. Below are links to some of their writings in the blogosphere

Discussions ranged from Tech blogging – analysing games and phone apps, recipes, quotes of the day, social responsibility, fictional and creative writing, travel blogging, Hindi blogs, Poetry and Ghazals, Photography and much more. Participants in the group were full time bloggers, professional blogging, part time bloggers and newbies. Some of them are published authors  and few are in the making. All in all the venue seemed more like a creative hub of the talent in Pune.

The best part of the meet was how it really did not have an agenda, it was a MEET in the pure sense, everyone had ample time to speak and they could talk almost about anything. As habituated, your’s truly did manage to become quite animatic in her intro, but I was just too overwhelmed to meet a bunch of people who were genuinely interested in knowing what I blog about :P. The lunch was delicious and discussion post lunch was also open ended. It was nice in the sense you get to see person who is behind all the writing, it was an endearing feeling.

Vineet from Indiblogger who was our celebrity guest 🙂 but he insisted that he was there only as a fellow blogger, pointed out that it is bloggers who build up the community and how this initiative should take shape for the better for Pune in the years to come. Time always seems to fly by at such events, what seemed like a bunch of people just hanging out and talking about things that matter to them, was actually a well spent 5 hours. The topics for discussion were limitless, but we could only have the venue till 4pm.

With a promise to meet again soon the group called it a day. Once again it was thanks to efforts of Animesh and all volunteers that event was a great success.

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15 thoughts on “In which Trupz Attended Pune bloggers meet

  1. Good to see you posting Trupti….I am trying hard to find time to post the same…I am double motivated now..

    PS: You missed me 😦 😦

    1. Thanks Captain, i felt it was best way to try and collate everyone under Pune Bloggers, thanks for everyone for sharing their blog details too …. i hope we can come together as a community

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