In which Trupz says Smart Phones != Smart People


How long has it been since you used a PCO for making a call? Have you even seen one of yellow or red boxes around you off late? How often in one day do you use the term Google It! I am told this is officially included in the dictionary too. How intrigued are you by that red dot on your Facebook app, like you can’t live without not knowing. The non availability of 3G network in remote areas reminds you of howIndiais still a developing country!

Sound familiar? With advent of Iphone’s, Android OS, Blackberry and various other smart phones, that are available as per your budget, so you have extremely powerful and sophisticated devices which guarantee smartness at all costs – as well as the budgeted and economical ones which means YOU don’t get all smartness. From phones that had 12 buttons, to phones which had joysticks, now we have phones with QWERTY keypads and touch screens. A simple mobile phone which was supposed to allow you to make a  call from remote places, gave us the option of sending a text (SMS), listening to music (bye bye walkman and CD players), clicking photos (how many mega pixels can you fit in that small thing) and even watch movies (GB’s of data cards) and of course Surf the net (social media we can never be not connected). You have it with you all the time, you can SNAP IT and SHARE IT in a jiffy, the IT here is your discretion. Don’t know your way, sweat no more, Google Maps is here. Newspaper, think eco friendly baby, Twitter is the new news, things spread like wildfire on this channel even before the news has happened sometimes!!

Mobiles have obviously evolved into miniature computers and become smarter and more useful than we could have ever thought of.

While there are a zillion other valid reasons why Smart phones are really Smart, I find some people using them getting, now how do I say this nicely, STUPID.

  • There could be an entire generation which could go without learning words, let alone spellings thanks to the auto-complete and the T9 dictionary.
  • With all words snapped to their bare minimum senses, the so called SMS generation has striped the English language, Yes has become Ya. The has become D, You has become U, and in some cases its popular to remove of the vowels and yet be able to erad the words, fr xmpl dis is crrct sntnc. 🙂
  • There will never be a need to remember anything, with almost every kind of information, most of it free, available Online.
  • How many phone numbers can you memorise, no we aren’t talking about becoming a Savant, but in case you phone battery dies at least care enough to remember emergency numbers or have an extra charged phone battery!!
  • There is compass app which is used by many folks, as scouts first thing many children are taught how to find the North direction and they do it without any visible aids, let alone smart phones. Try the DIY method of you can make a crude compass yourself.
  • We want to be the most secluded of all places and yet be connected with the rest of the world.

There are some skills that make us smart as humans. Our survival skills are considered the most basic amongst them.  For once you can forget about capturing/sharing the experience and actually experience it, really enjoy it, just a bit longer. For once you can give up your fear of getting lost and get lost – you never know what news things you can learn. For once you can disconnect with the rest of the world and try connecting with yourself again. For once you can try how man actually learnt to make fire, and not just read it in books. For once you can give up your fancy gadgets and rely on Mother Nature to assist you. For once you can remind yourself, you are human and learning is how we evolved.

Technology has been evolving on its own, growing by leaps and bounds. But is the over dependence stagnating us? Do you really want tools to do your thinking for you? There is no doubt devices are getting smart, the question is are we too?


If you are texting / talking on phones when driving, you really bought some cheap phone, a lot more dumb than the cheapest smart phone.


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