In which Aditrupz say Bharath Mata ki Jai

So you wake up in the morning with the first thought of being late for work. Murphy’s Law is by your bedside that morning, ensuring you are delayed especially when there is important work. A quick drizzle and steamed clothes you are off for your daily fitness regime. No, not the gym, how cliche!! The hunt for the rickshaw, the sprint or jog to board a semi halting bus or an overcrowded train, the obstacle course of climbing bridges. Or if you are lucky and you drive, you may have the opportunity to practice Pranayam in the car, while being stuck in the city traffic.

Your perfect morning is coupled with a scenic view of the lake you cross everyday. Once considered to be outside city limits, there is a whole new city that is built around it now. While you are busy admiring its beauty there are other folk around answering nature’s call and performing other morning rituals. You are completely unaware of the fact that sewage line and water supply lines run parallel, here and bacteria and viruses are exchanged in barter system. It is a meeting place of a new kind now. Thankfully the city traffic provides you with a very small window to soak in the entire landscape. The pollution has blended well with morbid smells from the lake, but  you have sped ahead and skipped rest of the scene.

A sweat dripping, crumpled yet ecstatic you reach office only to happy to find out your colleagues also suffer a similar fate of “lateness”. Murphy’s Law is universal and functions similar disregarding your proximity from work and mode of transport.

After the extensive physical exercise, its time for a treat, so obviously you are dragged by the mystified aromas of over-boiled and extra sweetened and tanned Tea. The corner shanty or “tapri” colloquially speaking is your oasis. The dude who runs this, provides you with the extra dose of punch to knock out your day. The customary “cutting” with a “sutta” topped with “vague version of Indian burger like vada pav” and fininshed with another “cutting”

Your smartphone has been busy all morning; beeping, vibrating, ringing and pinging you, thanks to all rescheduling, newer deadlines, more requirements, even more presentations – you would almost achieve your PHD (Piled Higher and Deeper) status again today. All emails you answered during family dinner last night have come back to haunt your lunch – so you skip it – the lunch,that is. And just about at tea break, make it for the dude again who knows exactly what you need. What solace, at least there is one person in the world who will do things without asking questions and being judgemental.

The after tea meetings, usually lead to multiple coffee cups and migraines. But it is different today. The semi finals of cricket series means we see impending work in a different perspective. Deadlines are automatically stretched and discussion on minutes of previous meeting needs a rethink. So with fairly no work, it is alright to make an early exit. It’s understood. At least you did not fake a sick friend or a dead mother. The reason for debauchery today was pure management failure, the 3 hours spent at previous meeting were proven futile at the melee today.

The guilt off your chest and swell of pride that you are supporting your country at this crucial game you are homeward bound. Daring feats like hanging out of buses and overcrowded trains, crossing a red traffic light are small sacrifices compared to hours of practise, litres sweat and blood shed by players and of course the advertising revenue, don’t forget advertising revenue that was spent in gearing you up to participate, if this does not inspire you then what does.

A welcome energy soda awaits you as you reach home. Party packs of soda have been chilled in the refrigerator, Buckets of deep fried chicken wings have been ordered along with cheese filled dough pizzas. You spread yourself on the sofa devouring the sixes, fours, two’s and one’s. Cheering every wicket, mothering and daughtering every slip in the field. Eventually we have won and you have consumed about 4000 calories, but it is nothing compared to the pride you feel right now.

Sudden revelation of how great India is, its strength lying in its diversity, how talent flows in deep seated villages and towns – its a matter of national pride. Just as you are absorbing all emotion you update your facebook status, “It has been a wonderful and memorable day – Bharat mata ki jai”



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