In which Trupz attended Saturday Pune bloggers meet up at Barista

Saturday, 2nd June, Barista MG road

After the Pune bloggers meet on 5th May, 2012, this was 1st unofficial meeting for the blogger folk in Pune. It was an opportunity to meet some familiar faces again as well as an opportunity for those who could not make it on the 5th May to make an appearance. The agenda of the meet was as usual “nothing specific” but there were some important topics to discuss about.

Diwakar, Animesh and myself made it to the venue via Kalyani Nagar, Animesh was kind enough to let me hitch a ride with them :). As we reached Barista, Sandeep and Hari were already waiting. Since there  was an expected crowd of at least 12 people, we decided to move to the back side of Barista cafe which had ample space and we could move around table and chairs to gather around. By the time it was 11 am i think most of everyone had arrived. So the attendance roster of Saturday read something like this

  • Animesh Mishra
  • Diwakar Narayan
  • Vikram Karve
  • Sandeep Gautam
  • Hari Narayana
  • Keyoor Advani
  • Sriram Ramaswamy
  • Amit Kumar Singh
  • Prasant Kumar
  • Yours Truly

While the coffee was getting brewed (or i don’t know if the cow / buffalo was being bought) thanks to the exceptionally paced down service from Barista, the group too was getting ready to deep dive into many an interesting talk. The idea was to have a web presence of Pune Bloggers themselves and many of the bloggers had suggested an independent website which would aggregate blogs from people in Pune. The idea was welcomed by all and Amit very readily agreed to do the rest of the web development on his own, procuring the domain name, the web space required and other instrumented services like collating blog posts, tweeting about them, bios of bloggers, validating and authenticating bloggers and naturally moderation of the site so that only genuine folks can be part of this circle.

While this was being discussed, the first round of coffee came through, Vikram sir very candidly admitting that he was used to the filter coffee he has at home and fancy names scare him off. It was Cappuccinos for the hot coffee lovers and Cold Coffee with ice cream for those who wanted a chiller in this heat. After the website discussion was settled, we moved to the casual catching up. It was a good way to reach out to everyone again and refresh memory with everyone sharing what their real jobs are.

I was presently surprised to know that Pune Bloggers circa comprised of scholars from IIT, Vikram Karve who is currently doing nothing 🙂 (that is what he said), Sandeep Gautam and Prasant Kumar. Apart from them we had Hari who is on his way to becoming a historian, Keyoor whose movies and love for movies is something we share in common, although i find it very tough to make my thoughts make sense when writing a review. Sriram was so inspired by Pune bloggers, he decided to move to Pune permanently :). Of course Diwakar who has the last word, cause no matter what anyone else has said, Ghalib saab has said it best and Diwakar says it better 🙂

Announcing the Pune Bloggers Monsoon meet on the 7th July, preps are on in full swing to get as many people to come for it. With great support, co-operation and Amit’s experience in arranging tech focussed barcamps in Pune, we will get this event more organised and on a larger scale than the first meet. Everyone was unanimous in agreeing that we dont need as sponsor for this event, and that we will try to keep costs really low.

So pumped up with caffeine, the excitement of and a Monsoon meet we bid adieu to meet up in 2 more weeks and also for the fact that Sai Kulkarni is going to pay the bill for next meet up for her absentee on Saturday. Keep watching this space for more, Pune Bloggers are going to be making some noise soon ….

Some photos from the meet


5 thoughts on “In which Trupz attended Saturday Pune bloggers meet up at Barista

  1. Trupti, superb post about a superb meet 🙂 Loved it thoroughly. To add to all this, now we have a core committee of Pune Blog-In which will meet in 1st Saturday of every month :).

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