In which Trupz recites A birthday wish (Sonnet)

A Birthday Wish
Blessings and wishes poured in tonnes 
He promised. “I’ll come home early today” 
For it was a special, twas my birthday
Mum said, “May you live to see a million suns”

As I donned my pompous attire,a princess to be 
He called me, “Darling,I’m leaving now” 
My heart knew no bounds, I pranced in glee O how!!
Dressed at my best for Daddy to see 

But all changed, after that dreaded phone ring 
They said, “He is no more”, it was over in a flash 
Motionless he lay there, in a highway crash 
While I waited eagerly, “Happy birthday”, he’d sing 

Of fallen petals, over floating ashes 
My dreams shattered, with melting birthday wishes.
Link to check rhyming scheme it is [abba cddc effe gg – iambic pentameter, English or Shakespearean] 
This poem is a Sonnet by form, elegy by nature. 
Copyright – Trupti Mulajkar Deshmukh – UrbanWanderer

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