In which trupz takes you to Inyourdreams

Inyourdreams is a place everyone wants to be at.

Why, you say, as anything is possible here. The best of your imaginations come true here. It is not your everyday muggle metropolis where you wake up, go to work, come back home and suffer the usual rigmarole of the conventional metropolitan life. Inyourdreams gives you the option of choosing what day of the week you want it to be. So if you decide it is Sunday for next 3 days or 10 days it is quite possible.

There are multiple modes of transport, most of them one cant see, but only experience. You only have to wish which place you want to be and ‘puff’ you arrive. No traffic and no pollution, without wasting any minute all your travel woes are nullified.

Food, you say, the world cuisine is at the clap of your hands. Best chefs serving the most delectable delicacies at your beck and call. Why it is Inyourdreams of course! Anything is possible here. Now if you could only imagine what this place looks like. No its not full of candy colored houses, with doors and windows made of marzipan and icing, with perfectly white clouds floating away in bliss and tweety birds chirping away love songs Duh!!

Inyourdreams is much more evolved than that. We have sky scrapers that have reached moon. You now don’t need a space rocket to get there. Its as simple as pushing button of an elevator and,”Voila, you reach the moon.” With bio efficient fuel technology it is most sustainable extra terrestrial habitat for humans. With the depletion of potable water resources on Earth, we tapped into Moon. The supply for now is limited and restricted for Inyourdreams only.

Inyourdreams is completely solar powered. The technology is such that all mountain ranges and sky scapers in the city have solar panels along their faces and are able to generate sufficient energy to power up street lights, electricity for entire city. Odourless bio fuels are the best invention that happened at Inyourdreams and plummeted the city to a phenomenon status. Dr. Fartsy Hawakar the man responsible for this invention lives right in the belly of Inyourdreams, very proudly besotted the title of Son of the city.

The ladies of Inyourdreams are nothing short of beauty queens. Intelligent, brainy, beautiful, fitness conscious and extremely forward fashion sense. Combined with their traditional upbringing, they make the best mates. The lasses brave various attires, often considered raunchy for tastes of old school folk, mostly non residents of Inyourdreams. The women move here freely without fear of being harmed or taken advantage of. Citizens often appreciate their freedom and feisty spirit with dignity. The gentlemen of Inyourdreams are of Adonis descent. Well sculpted and chiseled physique, often seen roaming shirtless along the city lanes, they are born charmers. Some of them are even rumored to have been dipped in charm potion as babies. Hardly a gent here that would have nasty eyes.

Multi cultural matrimony is professed in Inyourdreams, this evolved race of humans, encourages such exchanges as it allows them to study inter cultural as well as inter racial nuances from close quarters. This is also a secret behind the 150 years of peace that has prevailed in this region. There is not a report of any human deceased due to warfare, gun fire, mob fight, killings etc, anything that you may consider an unnatural cause of death.

Religion is an option Inyoudreams. You may persevere idol worship or pagan Gods. Reservoirs, dams, lakes and rivers are temples here. Devotees often flock these places not to bathe in the holy waters but to keep them clean. Harshest of punishments are bestowed upon those who would perform any act that would disturb the sanctity of the believers. Those who are caught throwing garbage, plastics, polluting water are exiled without notice. This is possible on Inyourdreams.

There are no degrees Inyourdreams. You can complete basic schooling, pursue any specialization of your choice. No profession is considered more elitist than the other. There has been a recent study conducted where most of the youth seemed to be going back to their roots. Taking up the challenges to re-invent the wheel and design tools, mechanisms and policies which will improve state of things as it currently stands. These youngsters of Inyourdreams are not afraid to go back a few steps so that they can take a giant stride towards the future with things they discover.

Tax policies and economy Inyourdreams relies much on how much you contribute to conservation. So it is a common sight to see families recycle waste. There are huge tree plantations and they are not planted as part of a produce crop, but often documented as green cover projects. Intelligent as the people are Inyourdreams, they have realized on thing quite clearly, the advantage of community living and the societal obligations they have. Dust bins are provided at every strategic point. Clean roads, a well designed waste management system, administration is aware of the nerve of its ‘junta’ and keeps at its best to live up to the expectations of Inyourdreams.

Politics Inyourdreams is a different ball game altogether. It is what they call a ‘Prajavidyanganitsutratantra’. Policies for Inyourdreams are based on scientific analyses supported by facts that can be proven and are accepted by its people. It is a holy trinity and confluence of humanity’s strongest beliefs coming together, Science, Math and people. The leaders are chosen based on their IQ and those that are above certain threshold are allowed to contest elections.

Inyourdreams has been able to eradicate a disease called ‘Stress’ with huge discoveries made by Dr.Nidra Zzz using traditional medicines combined with a balance in working hours and recreational hours of its citizens. Her formula for the right amount of dosage of both remains secret. She has also been leader in successfully deploying silent zones in the city, where no sound from manmade speech, objects is permitted.

However despite all its positives and alacrity, Inyourdreams suffers from a threat, from being attacked by outside forces which will disturb its natural balance, usurp all its know how for ulterior purposes. It stands at the brink of being destroyed by these external forces which may shake the very foundations that Inyourdreams was based upon. For a while now, it has stood firmly defying these threats and dodging attacks, but the recent rumors are to be believed then enemy is planning a large scale attack which will have Inyourdreams defenseless and ransack what has been built over a period. If that spray of water is harsh enough to shake of the slumber and make you open your eyes, then it will be the end of Inyourdreams





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