In which Trupz says Everybody says I am fine

Reposted from my old blog  

Its a nice afternoon with bearable temperatures of 5 degrees. Just the perfect climate for a walk around the neighborhood. As I straddle up around the corner shop I meet the owner, who nods up witha cheerful smile and greets me ,’ Hi, You alright !!’. An involuntary action I reply back, ‘Im fine, thank you!!’. I walked ahead with the thought looming in my head, am I really fine ? When we ask someone how they have been , are really meaning to find out or is it just out of formality ? I moved on and decided to notice, what the general response would be when I inquire …. this wasnt just going to be a walk around anymore, more of a psychoanalysis escapade !!

The first participant for my voluntary survey was none other than my house mate (names are witheld to respect privacy),coming back from his part time job at the Petrol Station, My instant reaction ,’hey how u doin?’, and as always he gleefully responded, ‘im fine’. One down . Of course from the chat that followed i figured out, he didnt have such a good day at work today. Some buggers drove off without paying for the fuel. He went off his head hanging down, deep in solitary thoughts and I was left wondering whether his job was all that was bothering him.

Next I walked into the supermarket to buy some dairy fudge chocolates for myself. They are so mouth watering delicious that one is just never enough. As I made my way up ahead towards the city center, I decided to pay a visit to my chuddy buddy. I buzzed myself in and was greeted with a longer than one moment hug. Just a hint of ‘im so glad u came by’ feeling there. Any hoo she was to be participant no 2 for my survey. I quizzed her how was everything and she came up with a more fastidious response , ‘Great!’. Yet I couldnt fail to notice a drop in her shoulders, eyes that gazed into gaga land. Down one cup of tea, I slowly realised the real reason behind this lull. It had to be a guy !! Some soul searching later I left realising she wasnt that ‘Great’ after all.

Heading towards the city center I looked at the people around me. An elderly couple walking hand in hand walking towards me were my next participants, I greeted them with a cordial smile and immediately I was reciprocated with,’ You alright lovey ?’. Looking at them pass by I could not help but think how long they have been together and what an amazing life they have had. I let out a satisfactory sigh, wishing my life should be like this, but was startled to see them walk into the Old Peoples Home. It made me wonder whether they walked with their hands locked reminscing about old times or was it for the support they craved for from each other





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