About the Blawghhers

We introduce Trupz,  friend and wife extraordinaire!!! My co captain in these voyages,  she is a witty, smart and fun loving person. She loves to talk, ‘communicate’, to reach out to fellow humans and animals alike :) . Underneath her fun loving exterior is a strong willed person,  and a temper you don’t want to face if sparked. Currently she is learning the ‘art’ of photography, exercising Zumba, and taking care of me!!!

Adi,AD, Adie or more likely to be known as Captain “Tyo”. Quirky, honest and humorous he has now evolved into a near perfect Geek and prefers to call himself a “Hacker”. He lets his heart rule than his head and thats what I love about him. He is the most genuine person I have known and stays away fromwannabe’s and posers. Grounded in his values, he is the perfect foundation for ME. He is my best friend and always makes me laugh!! He loves to wear white and read books and re-read them. An ambassador in the making for Chicken and Beer, his love for both definitely shows on him :P . There is hardly a subject that he would not know about, and if he sold his knowledge of trivia for 500 bucks, we would be millionaires by now :); all in all AD is a perfect mix of an artist, a sportsman and a nerd, I am privileged to navigate along side. Currently he is hacking with some awesome people at www.infinitelybeta.com, reading about health and fitness, back to playing the Sitar and loosing some weight :)…. the Force is strong in this ONE!!

About Us, we are a married couple who love to eat, watch movies and enjoy sports, travel and listen to music, we believe in conservation of nature and wildlife, we appreciate the value of health and fitness – read about our adventures, experiments and escapades and be part of this wonderful experience called LIFE….


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the way you spell ‘blog’ 🙂

    1. aditrupz says:

      Thank you, you are the first one to observe that ….

  2. Rajesh Mulajkar says:

    Congrats…You make a great pair…..Now Sky is the limit

    1. Blawghh says:

      aww thank u thank u 🙂

  3. Have you renamed your blog? I remember having visited around 2011…

    1. Blawghh says:

      Hey Ruchi

      No havent renamed it – its the same since its inception :)!

    2. Blawghh says:

      hey Ruchi

      No i havent renamed it – still the same blawghh

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