Poetry – blawghh

Compilation of my thoughts, often transgressed as poems.

I- the awakening

I am the mountain I am the sea
I am the wind and I am free
I am the sun burning and hot
I am not a coward that’s what I am not!
I am the bird soaring the sky
I am the jet plane flying high
I am the star shining and bright
I am David with Goliath’s might
I am the moon with its craters
I am good but I can be better
I am thankful for your nicety
I am not cold hearted if I don’t show pity
I am what I am; it is what I choose to be
I am not bothered about what others see
I am sporting if you are too
I am forgiving, so forgive me too
I am as frank as can be
I am sorry but that’s just ME!



My future lies before me
like a blank sheet of paper
my tomorrow,
a mystery not unfolded.
My failures and victories, in the past:
Have got me this far
And my destiny will lead me ahead
I am waiting,
On the crossroads of life
Not going anywhere!
The choices: there are many,
I know, I am destined but for one
So blindly I follow
Where my heart goes
Because my mind does not show,
What my heart does!
I hope it is the right choice I have made,
Because this opportunity I will get but one
Totally confused and in a fix
I seek help but there is none.
Yet there are dreams to be fulfilled
And goals to be achieved
Which I can do, only:
If in my heart I believe!
In life decisions to be made are in tons,
So I cannot afford to get stuck at one
My way may come many troubles and perils,
But, take to me to my destiny; I’m sure they will
Thus it is no time to lose and quit
For my future is going to be

As Good As it Gets


My breakfast is not what its supposed to be
Don’t know if to have coffee or tea
To office today how do I dress
Oh, my minds in such a mess
So much work, such less time
No words I have to make this rhyme
The chaos is just making me scream
I wish this were one of my bad dreams
I hope somehow the day just ends
I’ll wake up tomorrow and make amends
But what if tomorrow starts in a similar way
And to me, brings more dismay?
Is everyone living in the same world as mine
Or have only my stars forgotten to shine?
Am I the only one or everyone frets?
Or may be this is


I saw a boat, rollicking alone
Fighting the waves on its own
That was no place for it to be
Lost in the vastness of the sea.
I saw a bird in its lovely flight
Going nowhere no nest in sight
Still shearing the wind and soaring high
carrying on, challenging the sky


I saw a tree standing tall
With leaves and fruits and flowers et all
Standing there how many years it must have spent
But no on saw now it was bent

I saw the sun the brightly star
and felt its warmth from yet so far
in its light the darkness hides
but the truth is its burning inside!

I saw a rainbow one morning
Sashaying its colors, glimmering and shining
the dark rain clouds it had shadowed
Knowing quite well its colors were borrowed

Everything I saw was somehow lonely
Living for others – but solo completely!



Dreamer, when dreams come crashing down
Dreamer, when the world turns upside down
Dreamer, when fear shows its ugly face
Dreamer, when pain is all that’s left
Dreamer, its not in your control
Dreamer, its best to let it go
For there’s a price to pay, to watch your dream come true
There is no regret, you just have to do
It’s a simple choice if you have to make it real
You just wipe the tears and then you dream on more ……

What Men Want


They want to be grown up when they want to impress you
they want to be lovers and gently caress you
they get into fist fights, when they want to be boys
they will go shopping with you for 18+ year old toys
they will make more of a mess, than they will cook food
You will see it in their eyes, when you are looking good
when they act like brats, you will have to play mommy
You will have to improvise to fill that bottomless tummy
They want a lioness with furry sheep coat
They are all a bit jello, with daughters to dote
They are tough on the outside, for the world and to protect you
I know I am sharing here, most of what you already knew 😛
They want to watch movies, with machines and guns
But the sight of a cockroach and miles away they can run
They will bleed for your smile, they will kill to protect you
They wants nothing short of, the best of all for you!!
They will forget some of the BIG things, but not to kiss you good night
They may not say SORRY, but they will try to make it right.
They want you to SMILE, more than anything else that may MATTER
They may have given you the BEST, but they still want to make that BETTER.


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